Our Windsurfing Boards

Members of any skill level will be impressed with our equipment. We have top-of-the-line, pre-rigged sails and boards to choose from, which means less time rigging and de-rigging for you, and more time actually windsurfing. See our gallery below to learn to identify the different boards available.

Board Levels

You can recognize the type of board by noting its features:

Level 1

  • The board comes with a daggerboard

Level 2

  • The board has no daggerboard

Level 3

  • The board is stored behind the cage in the windsurfing container. A level 3 board does not have a daggerboard; it partially sinks when you try to uphaul the sail; the volume is less than 130L.


Signage for Board Fins

How to create the signage for individual boards

  • Step 1: Download the large image of the board you're making a sign for.
  • Step 2: Use this Template.docx to create a new sign.
  • Step 3: Print, Laminate, and Post in the Windsurfing container.


Level Nickname Make Vol Model and Dimensions Image
(click to  enlarge)
1 START Starboard 230 2000 Starboard Start (280cm) pdf
1 EASYRIDE RRD 220 RRD Easyride 220L (270cm x 100cm) pdf
1 MOTION Hifly 220 HiFly Widestyle Motion Beginner Sailboard (290cm) N/A
1 KONA Kona 220 Exocet Kona One Style 220L (350cm) pdf
1 NTRANCE Mistral 200 Mistral NTrance (290cm) pdf
1 VIPER-YELLOW Fanatic 190 2009 Fanatic Viper Orange/Red 190L (280cm) pdf
1 VIPER-BLUE Fanatic 190 2008 Fanatic Viper Blue/Red 190L (280cm) pdf
1 LONGRIDER RRD 180 2008 RRD Longrider (340cm) pdf
 1RIO MStarboard1922016 Starboard Rio M 192L (290cm x 81cm)  
2STARBOARD GO 180Starboard180Starboard Go 180L (255cm x 100cm)  
2 JUNGLE Bic 205 2010 Bic 11ft 4in Jungle SUP 205L (346cm) pdf
2 FANATICFLY Fanatic 220 2010 Fanatic Fly Fly 11'0" 220L SUP, HRS construction (335cm) pdf
2 SHARK#2 Fanatic 160 2009 Fanatic Shark 160L #2 (268cm) pdf
2 SHARK#1 Fanatic 160 2006 Fanatic Shark 160L #1 (268cm) pdf
2 FORMULA Starboard 156 Starboard Experience Formula 156L (264cm) pdf
2 ROCKET145 Tabou 145 2009 Tabou Rocket GT 145 (245 cm x 76 cm) pdf
2 JP 142 JP 142 2005 JP Free Race 142 (260cm) pdf
3 TECHNO135#1 Bic 135 2007 Bic Techno-E-Large 135L #1 (263cm) pdf
3 TECHNO135#2 Bic 135 2007 Bic Techno-E-Large 135L #2 (263cm) pdf
3 ROCKET135 Tabou 135 2008 Tabou Rocket 135 (245 cm x 72 cm) pdf
3 FREESTYLEWAVE RRD 116 2012 RRD Freestyle Wave X-Tech V2 116 LTS (237cm) pdf
3 SKATE Fanatic 100 2010 Fanatic Skate 100L (235cm) pdf
3JP FREESTYLE WAVEJP1012014 JP Freestyle Wave (232 cm x 62 cm)  
3STARBOARD FUTURAStarboard114  2015 Starboard Futura 114L (246 cm x 72cm)  
3STARBOARD CARVEStarboard1312015 Starboard Carve 131L (252cm x 75.5)  

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