The UFO has landed!

Flying the UFO

Our initial clinic and checkout is on the schedule, subject to revision as we confirm some external participants; in the interim, please register so we know who is interested The UFO has landed!

Sailing Tips and Tricks

The Plan UFO foiler preliminary checkout and sailing conditions (subject to revision based on further testing and familiarity):

You must be a competent sailor who is able to intuitively sail (hold a CanSail 3 or equivalent training, or 50+ hours on the water)

  • View and confirm UFO training archive **REQUIRED VIEWING**
  • UFO rigging tutorial:
  • UFO Flight School Lesson 1. Takeoffs and straight lines:
  • Show, Don't Tell. #1 Righting from a capsize:
  • Optional viewing everything else 
  • First day launch on the water when wind is under 10 knots (early on a day with a westerly predicted on a clear day) as thermal builds stop sailing before wind exceeds 15 knots (if there are any whitecaps, you are over the beginner UFO limit)
  • No sailing in tidal zones or with driftwood visible. If after launching you discover large amounts of visible driftwood or a tidal line (scum or froth on water with a collection of surface materials floating) avoid crossing this area and if you must do it at low speed while off the foils.
  • Start with a high wand configuration (foil skimming mode) to learn balance
  • Launch and land with foils up and rudder down only enough for steerage but still between the hulls for protection
  • NO BEACHING THE UFO even with foils and rudder up. Land at slow speed head up to wind in shallow water and step out. Lift onto beach enough to prevent drifting away while you get the dolly or have someone bring the dolly to you.
  • No approaching the shore with foils down. This includes the large tidal flats. Do not even get remotely close to this area even at high tide. Stay in front of JSCA when learning:
  • Have fun!

What we know so far

The UFO is on pretty low-volume hulls. The skipper should have great balance, and be prepared to move quickly when buoyancy become compromised and part of the boat begins to sink.

This is a single-person craft (pretty clear from the pictures) which requires solid single-handing experience.

Off the foils, the UFO doesn't tack very quickly. You should be confident with the catamaran three-point turn.

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