If your boat has capsized;

Righting an Inverted rowboat

  1. Position yourself opposite the midpoint of the seat tracks.
  2. Leave oars as they are.
  3. Reach under the boat, grab the opposite gunwale and pull down while pushing up on the gunwale closest to you until the boat turns upright. 

Re-Entering the Echo Rowboat

  1. Turn the nearest oar perpendicular to the boat so the oar handle will bear on the rigger arm or the gunwale and be close at hand once you are aboard.
  2. Start opposite the midpoint of the seat track and pull the near gunwale down. The Echo is stable even when rolled to a 45 degree angle. 
  3. Pull yourself across the cockpit until your hips are just inside the gunwale using whatever hand holds work for you (except the seat!)
  4. Roll to a crosswise position seated partly on the seat track and partly on the gunwale with your feet in the water. This is a comfortable and safe position from which you can regain control of the oars and then swing your feet to the stretcher.

It's Ok if you miss the seat in these first moves. Once you are centered in the boat with oars in hand, you can shift onto the seat with good control. 

Here is another good pictorial article about Re-Entering your boat. 

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