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Club Rowing Lessons are open to all Club Locarno Rowing Fleet Members. 

Non-Club Locarno members CLICK HERE for our public programs. )

Introductory Lessons

For those who are new to the sport, this course is designed to get you confident and capable on the water. It covers the basic competencies needed to use the fleet, including:
  • Basic rowing technique
  • Safe (for you and the boat) launching and landing
  • Rigging and de-rigging
  • Recovery from a capsize
  • A review of regulations, club policies and practices, as well as local conditions
Note: You must be able to swim, and have adequate fitness, strength and flexibility. 

Fees $72 for Club Locarno members. 

Click here to register for available Introductory Rowing Lessons

Youth Only Lessons 

Introductory lessons available only to youth 15-18 years old. No experience necessary - just an interest in rowing , the ability to swim, and the desire to have fun on the water! Fee for members is $72. The fee for Non-members is $150. Non-members CLICK HERE for our public programs.  Please note, that youth are able to sign up either for our regular lessons or for our youth specific lessons. The choice is up to you.

Click here to register for available Youth Rowing Lessons

Advanced Lessons 

When you have mastered the basics, consider upgrading your skills with advanced lessons.  The level 2 lessons consist of 4 – 2 hour lessons wherein participants will be introduced to all the other boats in the fleet, rough water rowing techniques, distance rowing, advanced technique and rowing starts.

Click here to register for available Advanced Rowing Lessons

Advanced Clinics - $15

Shorter 2 hour clinics that focus on specific parts of the stroke.
  1. Catches -- A part of the stroke that rowers spend a life time trying to master (introduce: Russian catch drill and reverse ratio drill)
  2. Finishes -- A boat-moving part of the stroke that is often neglected in practice (introduce: progressive bilateral drills and acceleration drills)
  3. Rhythm -- What is rhythm, and how does it change with speed?
  4. Boat moving --  Related to the above focuses, but an independent idea. 

Private Lessons - $30/hr

Private lesson are available to Club Locarno members only.  You can purchase a two hour or four hour block of lessons, and schedule your times directly with the instructor. here! Click here to purchase private rowing lessons

Checkouts and refresher clinics

If you have previous rowing (sculling) experience, all that you need is a checkout clinic when you join the fleet. We will assess your skills, and introduce you to the fleet and to the club policies and practices.  Checkout clinics are free for members - just sign up in advance.  There are also good Refresher clinics for those who haven't been on the water for a while.

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