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Want to Learn to Row? Want to join our Fleet? Both?

You've come to the right place if you want to learn to row, join our fleet, or improve your technique.

We offer three types of lessons:

1. Introductory. For Club Locarno Members and the Public! You can come in right off the street and learn to row!
    • On successful completion, you will be considered Checked-Out. Club Locarno Members may use our fleet of Echos immediately.
    • Non-Club members can join the Club and have the difference in lesson-cost deducted from their membership fee. What's not to like?

2. Advanced. For Rowing Fleet members, these lessons are a great way to improve your skills and confidence on the water.
3. Private. Bespoke instruction for Rowing Fleet members.

For Club Locarno Members, we have:

1. Checkout: for those with previous rowing experience and wishing to join the Rowing fleet: this is mandatory.
2. Safety & Self-Rescue Clinic: for Checked-Out Rowing Fleet Members to refresh their Safety and Self-Rescue skills.

Lessons, Checkouts, and Clinics are on our Rowing Calendar.

  • If you cannot attend any of the scheduled Lessons but wish to be notified of future ones, sign up here.
  • If you cannot attend any of the scheduled Checkouts, use the Rowing Checkout Request form to contact the Rowing Director.

To attend Lessons, Checkouts, and Clinics, you must be able to swim and have adequate fitness, strength and flexibility.

Introductory Lesson

These four, two-hour, sessions will teach the basics needed to use our Echo fleet, and make you confident and capable on the water.

Take this lesson if:

  • you are a member of the General Public and simply want to learn to row;
  • you are a Club Locarno Member, have never rowed before, but want to join the fleet; or,
  • you have been asked to do so as a result of a Checkout.

Content: Safety; basic rowing techniques; launching and landing; self-rescue; review of regulations, club policies and practices, as well as local conditions.

Open to: Club Locarno Members and the Public

Cost: $85 for Club Locarno members. $175 for Non-Members

Craft: Echo Rowing shells

Advanced Lesson 

These comprise four sessions of two hours each, during which you will learn more about the catch, drive, finish, and recovery, rough water techniques, and more.

Take this lesson if:

  • you are a Rowing Fleet Member and want to upgrade your skills.
Content. At the discretion of the Instructor, and depending on the class composition, the lesson content may be tailored to accommodate participants' requests.

Open to: Club Locarno Members only

Cost: $85

Craft: Echo Rowing shells

Private Lesson

Take this lesson if:

  • you are a Rowing Fleet Member and want a one-on-one instruction to hone your technique and/or identify areas for improvement. 

Content: Based on your ability, what you'd like to learn/improve, and the recommendation of the Instructor.

Open to: Club Locarno Members only

Cost: $35/hour

Craft: At the discretion of the Rowing Director and the Instructor

For more details, or to schedule a Private Lesson, please contact the Rowing Director.

Checkout: Regular and Advanced

Take the Regular Checkout if:

  • you are a Club Locarno Member with previous sculling or sweep experience and want to join the Rowing fleet;
  • you are a Rowing Fleet Member but haven't been on the water for a while and/or want to refresh your launching, landing, and safety know-how. 

Take the Advanced Checkout if:

  • you have passed the Regular Checkout, have two or more years of rowing experience and/or more than ten rowing sessions on the water, and want to row either the LiteRace 1x, Maas Winged Aero, or the Wintech Double. Each craft requires its own Advanced Checkout. 
The Rowing Calendar lists scheduled Checkouts, but you can also use the Rowing Checkout Request form if a Checkout for a particular craft is not shown.

Content: Introduction to our fleet, club policies and practices, and an assessment of your skills. You must demonstrate a successful self-rescue to pass either Checkout.

Open to: Club Locarno Members only

Cost: Free

Craft: Regular Checkout uses our Echo shells. Advanced Checkout uses the shell you request when registering.

Safety & Self-Rescue Clinic

Take this Clinic if:

  • you have already been Checked-Out for the Rowing Fleet but want to refresh your knowledge of safety and self-rescue procedures.

Content: Rigging, de-rigging, launching, landing, safety requirements and procedures (e.g., use, care, and packing of PFDs), and contingency planning. You will also practice multiple self-rescues.

Open to: Checked-Out Rowing Fleet Members only

Note: Wetsuits are mandatory

Cost: Free

Craft: Echo Rowing shells

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