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Orientation, Rigging and Skills Checkout Clinics

Members of the Sailing Fleet are required to take part in these clinics before gaining access to the various fleets. These are not sailing lessons, but an opportunity for members with existing sailing skills to become familiar with club room and the rigging intricacies of the different fleets, as well as to demonstrate their competencies in launching, sailing, and capsize recovery for specific boats. Returning members are also encouraged to attend theses clinics as a refresher. Rigging manuals and sailing guides are available for review. To see them click here.

Successful completion of these clinics is mandatory for EACH level of boat before a member is authorized to sign that boat out. When signing out a boat, the drop down list that appears after you select your name will indicate which level of boat(s) you are currently approved on. If you feel your profile needs to be updated, please notify one of the sailing directors.

You are required to demonstrate your on-water sailing skills once for monohulls, and again on a cat if you want to sail multi-hulls.  The reason for this is that launching and landing, sailing and especially righting after a capsize are all significantly different on multi-hull craft.

Part 1 and 2: Sailing Orientation and Rigging Clinic

Parts one and two of the clinics will be held consecutively during the same evening.  After giving a sailing-specific club room orientation, experienced club members will be available to go over rigging for any type of boat (Vanguard, Laser, Taser, Catamarans Level 1 and 2.)  Each clinic will cater to the needs of those attending by rigging the specific boats requested.  It is often possible for attendees to cover two different boat riggings in one clinic.

Part 3: On water Skills and Capsize Competency Checkout

Part three of the clinic will be held on a Friday evening or Saturday mornings.  Experienced club members will be on hand to review capsize procedures, to assess your competency in launching, on-water handling, and capsize recovery. Members are expected to complete Parts 1 and 2 prior to attending this skills checkout.

Upcoming clinics

Part 4: On Water Spinnaker Checkout

Once you have attended a spinnaker rigging session (in Part 2 above), you are ready for your on water spinnaker checkout. No one may fly a spinnaker on any of our vessels without a successful on-water checkout.

Members must get in touch with the Performance Cat Fleet Captain and make an appointment to do an on water check out. Members will be cleared to use a vessel with a spinnaker only at the discretion of the Performance Cat Fleet Captain

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