Windsurfing Checkout - Levels 1, 2 and 3

This checkout is for:

1. Experienced windsurfers who are new to Locarno and require a checkout of their skills in order to be granted access to the fleet
2. Returning members who just want a refresher of basic windsurfing techniques and Locarno practices

If you are an absolute beginner you should consider taking our Beginner Windsurfing Lessons instead.

The session will start on land, and will cover:

  • Fleet overview and facilities
  • Using the craft signout system
  • Safely transporting gear to the beach and launching
  • Sailing out, performing a basic tack and returning safely to the beach
  • Self-rescue technique
  • Landing, washing and storing the equipment
  • Policies and practices for use of the fleet including how to report damage

Experienced windsurfers will be expected to demonstrate skills indicating that they have the competency to safely take out club equipment.

There are 3 different checklists that represent the skills we expect to see for the different levels of access to club equiment.

Upcoming Checkouts

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