Using the Fleet                              

Basic Required Skills                                                 

All new members must have the skills outlined in Paddle Canada - "Basic Kayaking Skills", PLUS the ability to self-rescue with a paddle float.

You can either take our Beginner+ lesson, by a certified Paddle Canada instructor, or if you already have the required skills and experience you can attend a kayak checkout.

Surf skis

Use of these boats are only for those who have successfully completed a kayak checkout and a separate surf ski lesson.
These boats are extremely fragile and unstable, and a half day lesson is required to ensure the paddler and boat are safe.

Kayaking Rules

  • Kayaks are available for all checked-out fleet members to use throughout the year;
  • Always log out and log back in - use the electronic logbook. During winter months you must also sign the logbook in the Jericho office;
  • Always take a cell phone, in a waterproof case, attached to your body. Dial *16 for Coast Guard in an emergency;
  • Respect Coast Guard regulations; take a whistle, pump, heaving line and Personal Flotation Device (PFD);
  • Wear your PFD when on the water;
  • Bring a paddle float and spare paddle (half or full);
  • Obey rules for Guests;
  • Dress for immersion every time you paddle, and make sure your guest does too;
  • Kayaks may be on the water from dawn until dusk;
  • Check the forecast and only paddle in wind speeds within your skill level. 20 knots (37kph) is the max wind speed any club boat can go on the water;
  • Equipment may only be removed from the compound for official Club Trips, pre-booked rentals, and races;
  • Flag any damage, report it in the logbook and send an email to the kayaking director. Never use damaged equipment;
  • All kayaks must be floating in the water when you enter or exit them.

Kayak or Surf Ski sign out/in how to ...


Select the kayak you wish to paddle.  In the club room select the appropriate hatches and gear and sign out at the computer log book.
Unlock the kayak and move to the rubber matted area.  Remember to re-lock the cable.
Carry the kayak to the beach or use a rowing dolly and return immediately.
On your return, exit the kayak whilst floating and carry the kayak to the rack and rinse the outside and inside of the kayak and all the equipment thoroughly before returning to the shed.  Be sure to sponge all the sand and water out of the cockpit. The kayaks must move directly to the racks and not be placed on the grass area.  Sign in on the club computer.

Surf skis

Select the surf ski you wish to paddle. Take equipment you need and sign out at the computer log book.
Unlock the surf ski (remember to re-lock the cable) and move it to the rack.
Take off the cover and store in in the club room in the upper storage.
Carry the surf ski to the beach and place right in the water so it completely floats.
On your return, exit surf ski whilst floating and carry the surf ski to the rack and rinse it.
Cover it and store where you found it and place don't forget to lock it.
Sign in at the computer log book.

Use of Equipment

All kayaks and surf skis should be handled with the utmost care. All boats need to be rinsed off, and any remaining sand and water sponged out, and returned to the racks as they were found. Any damage should be reported to the Kayaking Director asap. 

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