Using the Fleet

Once you have the required skills (you have completed your lessons or have been checked out at a clinic) you will have access to the fleets you have been approved on.  These are available for your use from dawn until dusk, all year round. There is a computerized boat sign-out system in the club room. Please remember to sign the boat back in! Remember, you are approved only for the types of boats indicated in your membership profile. If you feel there is an error in your profile, please talk your sailing director!

Members looking for someone to sail with should sign up to our google group at Sailing members use it to communicate and to arrange for sailing partners. This is a great way to get experience and meet other members.

More information on Sailing Skills, progression and checkouts

A few considerations:

  • Members can take out boats for up to 2 hours at a time (if no one is waiting for your boat, you are welcome to sign it out for another two hours)
  • Stay on shore until dawn; return before dark
  • Check the chart on the wall outside the clubroom. It shows recommended wind speed limits for various skill levels and boats.
  • Know your capabilities and stay within your limits
  • Handle with care! Please be extra careful with our boats.
  • All boats and equipment need to be rinsed off and returned as they were found. Any damage should be reported immediately using the computerized reporting system in the clubroom.
  • You are welcome to take out a guest as outlined in our guest policy.
  • Further safety links and member responsibilities are available here
The boat use policies and practices are in place primarily for the safety of the members.  If you respect them, it is very likely that you and the craft will return without incident.

The two-hour policy is in place to help to ensure that no one gets stuck on shore on a beautiful day, not to limit your enjoyment.  Use your judgment; don’t plan your marathon sails for those warm, breezy weekend days when everyone in the club will be visiting. If you want to stay out longer, stop by the club first to see whether anyone is waiting for your boat. If not, you are welcome to sign it out for another two hours.

On those rare days when you can not immediately get the boat that you want, you can reserve it with our sign-out system. You will be able to predict with some accuracy when you should be on the beach to intercept the returning sailor.  You will be very popular if you are ready to take over the craft as soon as it is beached, saving the returning member the need to land, de-rig, clean and stow the equipment.

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