Echo Maintenance Checklist

You should run through this checklist each time that you use an Echo, preferably while you are rigging but at least before you return it to the rack.
  1. Seat rolls smoothly and silently.  If not, flush both the wheels and the tracks with lots of water.
  2. Rigger arms stand vertically on their own.  If not, get  a 3/8" and 7/16" wrench from the toolkit and tighten the hinge.  Please don't do this to Yellow until we unstick the cross-threaded nut.
  3. E-clips stay put to hold riggers in place.  If not, you can either i. tighten the e-clip with a Philips screwdriver and put a drop of locktite on the bolt to keep it in place, or ii. lower the shackle a bit (a bit trickier - if you cannot work it out, use the "Report a Problem" button on the signout system to let the Fleet Captain know.
  4. Wooden foot stretchers are tight.  Check and tighten the wing nuts behind the cross bar.
  5. Bailer is stiff enough to stay open on its own.  If not, get two sets of pliers and spread the sides a bit while it is closed.  If you are not sure what you are doing, please send a note to Radik.
  6. Bailer is not full of sand.  Rinse with lots of water.
  7. Boat is empty of water.  If not, remove bow plug, invert and drain (you can do this while it is on the dolly).
  8. Oarlocks move freely and quietly.  If not, flush them with fresh water.
Please be sure to replace tools when done (tip: never set them down except in the toolbox).

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