Rowing Vocabulary

Blade: The flat part of the oar that goes into the water

Bow: The front of the boat

Button: Plastic collar on the oar shaft, located over the sleeve, and locates the oar against the
oarlock when in use

Catch: The point in the stroke at which the blades are put into the water at the beginning of the
drive, also the end of the recovery

Circling:  A technique employed by runners and rowers to keep the group together.  If you are at the front of the group AND pulling away, double back until you are even with the last member and then resume your original course.  You will row twice the distance (good for building stamina), be constantly passing people (great for the ego) and we will all arrive at the destination at about the same time. 

Drive: That portion of the stroke when the blades are in the water and the person is pulling on
the oar handles

Feathering: The act of twisting the oar to position the blade vertically for the drive and
horizontally for the recovery

Grips: Rubber caps on the inboard (handle) end of the oars

Oarlock: Plastic piece that holds the oar and pivots, located on the end of the rigger

Pin: Bolt that forms the pivot for the oarlock

Port: Left side of the boat facing forward, right side as you it to row, often marked red.

Recovery: That part of the stroke when the blades are out of the water and the person is moving
towards the next drive

Release: That point at which the oars are taken out of the water at the end of the drive, also the
beginning of the recovery

Rigger: Arm extending out from the side of the boat, it holds the pin and oarlock

Sculls: Another name for the oars, sculling is also another name for the act of rowing

Sleeve: Plastic tube on the oar, under the button, that protects against wear in the oarlock

Starboard: Right side of the boat facing forward, left side as you sit to row, often marked green

Stern: Back of the boat

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