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Sailing Lessons Schedule and Registration

Upcoming events

    • 01 Jul 2024
    • 07 Jul 2024
    • 3 sessions
    • Club Locarno Clubroom and laser rigging area
    • 6

    Intro to Racing - Sailing Lessons

    Intro to Racing is a great way to learn the basics of racing, and is the course to take if you want to join the Jericho Tuesday evening/Sunday afternoon races, but aren’t comfortable joining by yourself.

    We will cover the basics of racing:

    • how to start on a start line, how to round marks on a race course
    • different flags and countdown signals
    • navigating close and around other boats while following the rules
    • race strategy while you are sailing around the committee boat waiting for your race to start
    • Skills: how to adjust your sail shape with your sail controls in order to get more speed out of your sails depending on your angle to the wind and the wind conditions

    Bonus - The following will depend on the wind, and the group of participants (and how overwhelmed with new information you already feel!), such as:

    • Bonus tactics: Sailing around the committee boat and start pin to get a point on the horizon to line up with the pin so during the start you know if you've crossed the line or not / Looking at the course to see which side has more wind than the other / Watching other boats already on the course to see what angles they are hitting / Looking at the tankers to see which way the current is going / Timing your approach to the start line
    • Bonus skills: balancing skills like roll tacks and rudderless sailing depending on wind conditions.

    We will have three on water sessions: two training sessions and then the last session will be joining the Jericho Race on the Sunday noon. This is a great way to participate in your first Jericho race with a coach present to assist you.



    • Being a member at Club Locarno Sailing Fleet.
    • Having completed an equivalent of CANSail 2, Beginner or Refresher Lessons.
    • Having attended (or watched online) the Jericho Rookie Racing Seminar. There will be a quiz!
    • Recommended to maximize benefits of this training: 30 additional hours on water after CanSail 2 or Beginner Lessons, 10 additional hours on water after Refresher lessons.


    • Monday evening: 1800-2100 (3 hours).
    • Thursday evening:  1800-2100 (3 hours).
    • Sunday: 1100-1400 (3 hours).



    Registration closes 24 hours before the first class.

    Cancellations must be done at least 2 days before the first lesson, by email sailinglessons@clublocarno.com

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