Introduction to Windsurf Foiling

Updated: September 14, 2018

This is a clinic for members who want to learn about, and gain access to our new foiling board.  The foiling board will be restricted to level 3 windsurfers, but all members are welcome to attend and observe. The clinic will largely focus on the correct procedures for preparing, transporting and launching and landing the board / foil so as to prevent damage to oneself and the equipment. We will go over how to properly care for it and get give some instruction on how to sail it, but as no one in the club currently has a lot of foiling experience it will be a highly interactive clinic where we will share our experiences and solicit feedback from clinic attendees about best practices for using the foiling equipment. It will be a learning process for all of us!


Foiling is an exciting new aspect of windsurfing. While many skills are transferable from non-foiling boards, it does require some new skills. This clinic will introduce you to the club's foiling equipment and best practices around using it.

Clinic Leaders

The clinic leaders will consist of fleet captains, and possibly other members who already have some foiling experience.  


1-2 hours. We'll introduce the foiling board and go over some basics including how to safely transport the board and foil back and forth to the beach, launching, landing etc. If there is enough time and some wind we'll let members try out the board for a few minutes each.


Please prepare yourself for the clinic with the following:


  • Bring your wetsuit & booties


Clinic Agenda

  1. Introductions - 5-10 minutes (everyone, at picnic table)

  2. Board and foil introduction - 30-60 minutes

    • introduce you to our windsurfing foiling boards and foils
    • show you the procedure to attach/detach the foil
    • demonstrate use of a foil safety tether line
    • demonstrate how to transport the board/foil setup safely too and from the beach
    • demonstrate how to launch and return safely to and from the beach
    • do an on land demo with some pointers on foiling specifics including getting the board up on the foil and how to safely land the board to prevent violent nose dives

  3. Members to try out the foiling board

    • depending on time, interest and and weather conditions, we'll give members a chance to try the board on the water

  4. Reconvene and debrief (possibly on the Jericho patio over a beer)

    • Share you experience and ask questions
    • Help to define the criteria of how to open up the foil board to the larger membership

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