Sailing Lessons Overview

Club Locarno sailing lessons are taught by CANSail certified instructors.  We offer Monohull beginner and refresher courses, as well as Introduction to Catamaran and spinnaker. 

Participation in all courses is limited, and it requires a minimum number of participants to proceed.

Courses are only offered to Club Locarno Sailing Fleet members, and your position in a course is only confirmed when full payment has been received.

Beginner Sailing Lessons

Beginner lessons consist of 26 hours of instruction (about 9 hours on land and 17 hours on the water) and follow the CYA CANSail levels 1 and 2 curriculum, dictated by a CANSail certified instructor from MacSailing. This course is designed to take you from beginner to where you are confident in taking out our 2-person Vanguards. These lessons will also introduce you to our single-person Lasers.

Please select your course below to register. Each course is limited to 6 sailors, and requires a minimum of 4 sailors to proceed.

Sailing Refresher 

We also offer a refresher course to dust off your sailing skills, including a total of nine hours of instruction. This is designed for sailors with previous skills and experience who have been away from the sport for a while, or who want to improve their existing skills with the help of a dedicated instructor.

Please select your class below to register. Each class is limited to six students.

Introduction to Catamaran

A 10 hour course focusing on Catamaran sailing, including trapeze skills. Successful completion of this class will help you prepare to check out our level 1 catamarans (Nacra 500 and 570).

Prerequisite: CANSail 4 or equivalent. Recommended 100 hrs mono-hull sailing experience and/or 20 hrs catamaran crewing experience. (at the discretion of the instructor)

Please select your class below to register. Each class is limited to six sailors, and requires a minimum registration of four sailors to proceed.

Catamaran Course Impression

Introduction to Spinnaker 

This course focuses exclusively on correct and safe use of spinnaker and so requires participants to be comfortable and competent sailing catamarans.  It will be delivered in one three-hour session, with up to two students and an instructor on the RS500.

Prerequisite: Catamaran Sailing course and/or relevant catamaran sailing experience
This course can accommodate 2 participants.

Please select the class below to register. This class is limited to two sailors and requires full participation to proceed.

Schedule and Registration

Introduction To Racing

This course is for sailors with reasonable boat handling skills who are ready for the challenges of the race course. The weekday evening classes will cover a land lesson and water session on one of the following topics: starting, mark rounding, flags and signals, rules, tactics and advanced boat handling. During the Sunday class the students will take part in regular scheduled racing with on water support and feed back from the instructor. This will give the students the opportunity to put what they learn into practice.

This is a 10 hour course that includes participating in one Sunday race.

Prerequisite: CYA Bronze Level 4 or CAN Sail Level 3, or equivalent. Also recommended 80 hours of sailing experience.

Please select your class below to register. Each course is limited to 6 sailors and require a minimum of 4 sailors to proceed.

 Schedule and Registration

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