Stepping up: Beach Start & Water Start Simulation

Updated: July 5, 2015

This is a clinic for members who want to learn how to beach start, and secondly for those who can already beach start but want to learn about  waterstarting through on-land simulation. 

Members should change and have a board and sail ready on the beach.


One of the most tiring part about windsurfing is uphauling the sail. It is especially difficult when the water is choppy, or the wind is high, or you are using an intermediate board and the board is more maneuverable but more tippy.

Rather than having to uphaul your sail every time you leave the shore, you can use the beachstart - an efficient and quick technique to get yourself up onto your board and get sailing with little effort. 

Beachstarting is one of “Level 2” skills in our windsurfing fleet.

Clinic Leaders

For the clinic to work, we'll need two clinic leaders who already know how to beach start, one of whom should know how to water start.  Working together, the clinic leaders will split the clinic into waterstart and beachstart groups. 


About 1-hour, including practice. There will be additional time to practice independently after the clinic.


Please prepare yourself for the clinic with the following:


  • Bring your wetsuit & booties


Clinic Agenda

  1. Introductions - 5 minutes (everyone, at picnic table)

  2. Demo - 5 minutes (by clinic leader, everyone on beach)

    • what direction is the board and sail facing?
    • where do you place your foot and what do you do with it?
    • how to transfer weight without falling backwards?
    • what’s happening with the arms?
    • how deep in the water can you beachstart? how to protect the board’s fin?

  3. Try beachstarting - 10 minutes (in pairs)

    • alternate, 2 people to 1 board
    • watch your partner, give feedback

  4. Reconvene - 10 minutes

    • Questions so far?

    • Here are some drills and tips to try on your own
      • steering the board while preparing to beachstart
      • steering the sail and board (gybe & tack the sail) while preparing to beachstart
      • beachstarting in low wind
      • beachstarting in high wind

  5. More practice - 30 minutes

    • In pairs, or individually with another board.

  6. Clinic debrief - 15 minutes

    • What did you learn?
    • Other Q&A

  7. More windsurfing! Another 45 min until 8pm.

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