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Rowing Calendar

    • 09 Dec 2020
    • 19:00 - 21:00 (PST)
    • Zoom Meeting

    Join us to discuss YOUR Rowing Fleet for the upcoming 2021 season. Your input is important to the Rowing Director for the development of the Rowing Plan for next season. This meeting will be held remotely via ZOOM. The meeting link will be sent to registered participants via email prior to the event. 

    Kevin will be stepping down as Rowing Director at the end of this season, and Radik Gens will be taking over the role. Please sign up and attend!

    • 31 Dec 2021
    • (PST)

    Use this form to request a Checkout on Club Locarno Rowing craft. If you are a new member with rowing experience, or an experienced club rower who wishes to access more advanced rowing craft, sign up here. 

    Initial Rowing checkouts on the Echo Rowboats will cover:
    • overview of the fleet
    • rigging and derigging
    • launching and landing
    • use of logbooks
    • policies and practices
    • distance rowing (where to go, tides, wind/waves, currents, hazards)
    • capsize recovery (i.e. get back into the boat from deep water)

    Note that new Rowing members should bring a wetsuit (if you wish) and towel, as they must demonstrate a successful capsize recovery to complete their checkout.

    Advanced Rowing Checkouts

    Topics covered during checkouts on Maas rowboats, Liteboats and the Wintech Double will depend on the experience level of the individual rower. Echo rowers with at least 2 years experience (or have rowed 10 times or more), and rowers who are confident to handle larger, heavier boats on land and on the water are welcomed to join. Basically, if you are confident to row to the 3rd bell marker in winter conditions, feel free to request this checkout. 

    The Rowing Director will get back to you shortly to schedule your checkout. All checkouts take place at the Rowing Shed at the East end of the Jericho Sailing Centre compound. Come prepared to go rowing!

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