An incident is any event involving the use of a ClubLocarno craft that results in personal injury (to self or others), property damage or loss (ClubLocarno property or the property of others) or a change in the vessel status.  If a ClubLocarno craft is involved in an incident, the member responsible for the craft must report the incident promptly using the online Incident Report form.

An incident report is also useful as a record of non-compliance with policies, or of behaviour that does not reflect the Locarno Way.  Follow-up or corrective action will be more effective if the incident has been documented clearly and reported promptly.


Before launching a ClubLocarno boat and when you are cleaning and stowing it after returning to shore, you should inspect it carefully and ensure that it is seaworthy.  If you detect any damage and cannot repair it on the spot you should flag the damage, return the craft to storage and note the damage in the craft signout system.  Never use a damaged vessel; the damage is likely to get worse and the vessel could be unsafe.  Accidents happen, but if they happen regularly to the same individual, questions will be asked.

Damage Control


Treat the boats and gear like you own it.  Remember that in addition to pride of ownership, you have a stewardship responsibility to the next member who will use it.


Members MUST REPORT damage immediately, using the craft signout system.  This includes changing the status of the craft to reflect the severity of the damage.  When you submit a damage report, the fleet director will receive a notification via email.


Flag damaged equipment and note it on the whiteboard.  If properly labeled, other members aren't at risk for taking out damaged items.


Repair or replace immediately.  If necessary, return the next day or later in the week to finish repairs.  If you don't have the skills to do the repair, be sure to step up and volunteer to help (e.g. by obtaining parts and supplies, assisting in the work).

If you are unable to repair damage on your own, contact the appropriate fleet Director below to offer your help.






If damage is significant enough to warrant a change in vessel status, please register an Incident Report 

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