Each Locarno member is responsible for the safety of their guests, and to ensure they are instructed in how to properly use and clean boats and equipment.


  1. A member may take one guest in a single kayak, or

  2. A member may share a double kayak with one guest, or

  3. A member may share a double kayak with a guest and take a second guest in a single kayak.

Not Permitted:

  1. A member may not take more than one guest in single kayaks,

  2. Two guests may not share a double kayak,

  3. Guests are never permitted in surfskis,

  4. Youth members are not permitted to take guests.

Every guest must sign the waiver every time. If the guest is under 19 a parent or guardian must sign on their behalf.

Each guest is welcome a maximum of 5 times per season (limit does not apply to guests under 15.) 


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