Kayaking is a guest-friendly sport!  As you are responsible for the safety of your guest, you must demonstrate that you are competent to successfully lead an unskilled paddler through a two-boat rescue.  Each member is allowed to take out one guest. Every guest must sign the waiver every time. If they are under 19 a parent or guardian must sign on their behalf.

Guests cannot use the fibreglass kayaks (due to special handling needs), with the exception of the double kayaks, if the member is paddling with them.  Guests should not be taken out in winds higher than 12 knots.

Each Locarno member is responsible for the safety of their guests.

Members can invite each guest to the club a maximum of 5 times per season. After that, guests can only continue to use our craft by becoming paying members. Also note that under no circumstances can members and guests use craft from different fleets.

Sign out

Please sign out one boat per line in the logbook. That includes guests.  Please do not put all the boats on one line. 

Please write your name legibly - sometimes we need to contact a member from the logbook or to record for gathering data on which boats are the most popular.


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