Kayak Checkout:

New members are required to demonstrate the following skills to be checked-out to use the fleet:

  • Floating launch and land (i.e. kayak should not touch the beach);
  • Self-rescue with a paddle float;
  • Assisted rescue of another paddler;

This is not a lesson, so please only sign up for a checkout if you already have these skills. If not, please sign up for a lesson!

Other areas covered in the session are:

  • Locarno kayak fleet and facilities;
  • Rigging and launching;
  • Landing, de-rigging and cleaning;
  • Policies and practices for use of the fleet.

Click on the Kayaking Calendar to sign up.

Checkouts typically run between April and September.  If you plan to join the club in the off-season please email Kayaking@clublocarno.com to confirm if you can be checked-out to use the fleet.


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