Preventing Damage

Do not drop, rest or drag the boards on the pavement, pebbles, or rocks. Make sure you can carry your gear all the way between the shore and the rinsing area or get someone to help you.
Do not run onto the shore when coming back in. Take care to prevent damage to the fin and board from pebbles and underwater rocks.
Do not leave your sail or board unattended or lying close to the beach break Secure your gear when leaving it on the beach. Position your gear so that it does not fly around.
Do not fall onto your sail when sailing . Do not impact the sail with your knee, elbow, or head. Fall in a controlled manner . We understand that "wipe-outs" are inevitable. So, if you're going to fall, its good to learn to fall well. E.g., if you are going to fall forward towards your sail ("catapult"), continue holding onto the boom, and land your sail and yourself in a push-up position with your feet on the board and legs straight. If you get airborne, then try to land your body in a spread out position, like a starfish.
Do not ding or poke your sail or board with a harness hook . (Harnesses are used in Level 2). Keep your harness hook away from the board surface . This is especially important when pulling yourself out of the water and onto the board.
Do not sail aggressively above your ability, while using the club's (shared) equipment . Strive for constant improvement . Attend clinics, practice, research, watch and talk with other club members. If you want to make spectacular breakthroughs in a short period of time, then you should purchase your own gear or take lessons from a professional.

If you follow these simple rules, chances are that no major damage will happen.

If you sail our gear in wind of over 15 knots, or above your approved Level, you are responsible for repairing the gear at your own cost.

Maintenance of our gear is a top priority for us. We always welcome additional hands to care for our equipment - please ask the fleet captain or director how to become more involved with maintenance and equipment repair.

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