A free one-hour checkout is all you need to start paddling our SUP boards (Level 1 - beginner and intermediate boards)

If there is no checkout scheduled (as may be the case later in the season, when most members have already got checked out), or you cannot attend any of the scheduled checkouts, please contact the fleet captain, Anja Sheriden, to arrange a checkout. Checkouts primarily cover board care (e.g. boards should never be put down on hard ground, and must never be beached - step off the board well before hitting the beach). You will also need to show you can rescue yourself if you fall in the water (just climb back onto the board). No prior experience is required for the level 1 checkout.

If you are an advanced paddler and want to use our level 2 boards (racing and touring), contact Vasco Castela for a level 2 checkout. Our 14' long boards are awkward to carry and very fragile, particularly carbon boards. Like other boards, they should never touch the ground, and should never be beached and never dropped, as they will break, and carbon fibre repairs are extremely expensive.

If you're wondering whether you are experienced enough to qualify for a level 2 checkout, there are two options. The first is that you can confidently tells us you are already experienced handling these longer more fragile boards (perhaps you have/have had your own) or other similar craft (e.g. carbon surfski, carbon outrigger canoe). If not, you can still qualify for a checkout if you satisfy both these conditions:

1. You have already taken Level 1 boards out at least 10 times at the club with no issues

2. You are a strong paddler, capable of easily paddling to Kits beach and back (let us know how long you take). This is primarily for the purpose of giving us an indication of whether you are likely to have trouble handling the board on land (mainly getting it on and off the rack is the issue).

Although often there is someone there willing to help you get the board on and off the rack, if needed, we ask that level 2 users show they are capable of doing this very comfortably by themselves.

SUP Checkouts

    • 09 Aug 2019
    • 18:30 - 19:15
    • Meet at the Club Locarno shed next to Windsure.

    SUP Checkout (Mandatory for ALL members wishing to use the SUP fleet who haven't already completed a Club Locarno SUP checkout. Must be a paid member of the SUP fleet). Note: This checkout is MANDATORY FOR EVERYONE WANTING TO USE THE SUP FLEET. If you completed a Club Locarno SUP checkout after 2012, you do not need to complete another one. Only members who have completed an official SUP checkout will have access to SUPs.

    Please come 10 minutes early ready to go with wet suit/swim gear on! Checkout starts on time. Be prepared to have fun and get wet - everyone must complete a mandatory self-rescue :)
    *Wet suits suggested for cooler weather.
    *Please bring your Jericho/Club ID.

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