SUP Rentals

You must be an active member of Club Locarno and checked out for Level 1 SUP to rent a board for offsite use. We only allow one board per member, per time. 

Rules for offsite use

All the club and SUP fleet rules, procedures and safety precautions, and unwritten club norms (the Locarno way), apply when taking gear to use offsite.  
However, members take full responsibility for taking any damage or loss when using gear away from Jericho and must be repaired and paid for by the individual member.

SUPs must be rented in agreement with the fleet director or captain if you wish to remove them from the compound for non club trips. 

A board can be rented for a maximum of four consecutive days. 

    Rentals are on a first-come, first served basis according to registration date.  Lessons, clinics and other club events have priority over individual rentals, so please check the calendar for scheduled events when planning your trip. 

    The SUP rental package is $20 for the first day and $10 for each subsequent day. 

    Rental includes:
    • 1 inflatable board (included in bag)
    • 1 paddle (included in bag)
    • 1 fin (included in bag)
    • 1 pump (included in bag)
    • 1 leash (not included in bag. Take this from the shed)
    • 1 PFD  (not included in bag. Take this from the shed)

    Who can rent a SUP board

    You must be an active member of Club Locarno. 

    You must be an active member of the SUP fleet.

    Anyone renting a board must first be cleared for fleet access by completing a checkout or introductory lesson.  The actual skills that you require for your proposed trip will depend on your destination.  Be realistic about your abilities when planning your trip, and do your homework.

    How to Book a Rental:

    1. Read the SUP Rental Agreement. When proceeding to step 2, please indicate in the email that you have read and agree to the document. 
    2. Email and copy/paste this formula:

      I am a member of Club Locarno SUP fleet and checked out for Level 1: [YES/NO]
      I have read and agree to the SUP Rental agreement: [insert name]
      Dates for rental: [insert dates]

    3. Once approved the director will email a link with the rental registration form.
    4. Sign out your board when you collect it from the club, and sign back in when you return.

    Important Note: To ensure your board will be available when you pick it up: please pick it up before sunrise on the first day of rental, or after sunset on the night before.

    Rental return: return all gear cleaned and in good condition. Report any damage.  Replace all gear in the proper locations in the kayak shed (ropes and tie strap coiled)

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