Member Rules

The following rules are in place for the safety of our members to safeguard against unforeseen events. Anyone found in violation of these rules will have their membership suspended immediately.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

All ClubLocarno members MUST be wearing a PFD while on any ClubLocarno watercraft.


Every person on board a ClubLocarno sailboat or windsurfer MUST be wearing a wetsuit.  Those using a rowing shell, kayak or SUP must dress for immersion, considering probability and potential consequences of capsize.


Members MUST have sufficient swimming skills to swim at least 50 meters through rough water, in order to recover their craft should they become separated from it.


Guest policies differ by fleet.  In Sailing and Rowing you may bring a guest on a double-handed craft only, while in Kayaking and SUP you can take a guest on their own single-handed craft.  In Windsurfing no guests are permitted, but you can rent a board for your friends at Windsure (right next to our kayak shed).  You are restricted on one guest at a time, except when sailing the larger cats (Nacra 570 and 580) which can accommodate two guests under favourable conditions.

You may bring the same guest a maximum of 5 times in a year, after which you should encourage them to join the club.  All guests must sign a waiver - if the guest is under 19 a parent or guardian must sign on their behalf.

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