There are many variations and personal preferences to how this sport can be learned. Please take the time to not only read the following for the introductory clinics but review again and again as you are practicing. Also, conduct your own research, ask many people the same question, check out the many sources of info such as magazines, manuals, the internet, clinics, etc. offered by Locarno. Practice as many times as it takes for you to say AHA!!!! I GET IT! - until it becomes instinct. The information in this handbook was collected from a variety of sources: numerous windsurf training manuals, the internet, through a lot of personal experience and by asking many many questions and is not intended to be a sole resource for member's learning and takes no responsibility for any omissions or mis-interpretations contained herein.

Locarno Windsurfers are solely responsible for their own learning experience. The club will only be responsible to provide the members with the training tools in order to train themselves, being an introduction to the sport as described below, further coaching clinics as volunteer availability allows, proper gear and providing a safe place to practice with the support of your peers.

We invite you to read this manual in detail, and revisit it from time to time. You will find a handy table of contents on the left margin so you can find things easily.

All feedback is welcome. If you have thoughts on how to clarify or develop this handbook further, please contribute your ideas! Contact to the windsurfing director or fleet captains for details.

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