Kayaking is great for fitness, regardless of which boat or blade you use.  A proper stroke will use your entire body, and builds both strength and stamina.  Anyone planning a trip (especially a multi-day trip) should have an idea of their paddling speed and the speed of their peers.

Here is our paddling/rowing record In it, you will find members' times for most of the popular local destinations.  Try a few of the trips yourself, and see how you measure up.  We encourage you to record your own times and add to the records.  Follow this link to record a trip, and save the link for future use Paddling/Rowing Trip Form


Club boats can potentially be used for any racing events going on in the local area. Email to coordinate the use of a kayak or surfski for a racing event.  There is a flat fee of $20 to transport a boat by car.  

Local Racing Events

Starting this year, the Jericho Sailing Centre is hosting paddling races on Thursday evenings.  These will alternate with the Hollyburn racing series (below) so that race junkies can now satisfy their habits every week.  Racing is scheduled to begin on June 7 at 1815.  Contact the JSCA for more information.

Deep Cove Canoe & Kayak Racing - Races are held every Tuesday night. Check out for more details.

Hollyburn Racing - Races are held every other Thursday at the Hollyburn Sailing Club over at Ambleside beach in West Vancouver.  Contact Hollyburn Sailing club for more details.

The Big Chop - Races are held every other Thursday at Vanier Park. Sponsored by Mountain Equipment Coop. 

The big one - the ClubLocarno Open Water Regatta.  In 2014 this event was taken to the next level, with the feature race going around Q62 and Passage Island!  Scheduled for mid-August each year - watch the ClubLocarno calendar.

Round Bowen Race - Check out for details.


Helpful links to learn more about Paddle Stroke & Surf Skis

Stroke Tips

Getting started with the forward stroke

Forward stroke details

How to Remount a Surf Ski

(from local legend Warren Bruce)--

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