Kayak Clinics & Lessons


This is a general kayak session of interest two different groups:

1. Experienced kayakers who are new to Locarno and require a checkout of their skills prior to getting access to the kayak fleet
2. Returning members who just want a refresher of kayaking techniques and Locarno practices

More details about our Checkout/Refresher you will find here ...

Kayak Lessons

Our Kayak lessons are aligned with the standards of the Paddle Canada Sea Kayak program.  All members must have the skills outlined in Paddle Canada Basic Kayaking Skills, PLUS the ability to self-rescue, in order to use the fleet.  Look at our Kayaking Calendar for the schedule of lessons and clinics and to register.

Paddle Canada - "Basic Kayaking Skills" Lessons

This course is intended for someone who has little or no previous kayaking experience.  It consists of two parts; a Get-Wet clinic delivered by Locarno volunteers to orient you to the Locarno fleet and to kayaking basics, and the Paddle Canada Basic Kayaking skills course delivered by certified instructors.  The get-wet clinic is about 3 hours long and the certification lesson is a full day. 


Level 1 Lessons

Level-1 provides the skill and knowledge necessary for day-long sea kayaking trips in sheltered waters (non-wilderness areas). Successful completion of Level-1 indicates competence to paddle a sea kayak within a sheltered bay in the company of one or more paddlers with Level-1 or greater skill and knowledge. 

More details about our Kayak lessons you will find here ...

Other Clinics

Members of the Kayaking Fleet are eligible to take part in various free clinics, depending on their level of experience.  Additional clinics will be scheduled as the season progress and in response to member interest.

  • Pool Sessions
  • Surf Ski Checkout Clinic

More details about our clinics you will find here ...

Click on the Kayaking Calendar to view a complete list & schedule of Clinics

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