There are some great resources available to help you to refine your kayaking skills, plan trips, etc.   Here are a few of my favorites:

Some Rescue Techniques

These are mandatory skills for all Locarno paddlers - review them before a checkout!

General Resources

Kayarchy An amazing all-around reference for kayakers - look here first if you have questions.

Sea Kayaking Safety Guide From Transport Canada - our tax dollars at work!  Includes the rules, and some helpful checklists.

Westcoast Paddler A local resource with lots of discussions and ideas for trips

Coast and Kayak Magazine A great local publication, and tonnes of links to other resources

Paddle Canada The body that structures the recognized paddling courses in our great land.  Good place to check out skill levels and competencies to help decide whether you want more training.

Rolling your kayak My favorite video so far - he makes it look so easy!

Key Knots for Kayakers Its fun until someone loses a boat

Kayakers' Beaufort Scale - Wind, Sea States from a kayak

Rolling Videos

Here is a great series of videos demonstrating the basics, and different styles of rolls

Common threads
Back deck sweep
C to C
Back deck rodeo
Twist and slice

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