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  • 21 May 2020 06:38 | Robert Holley (Administrator)

    The Jericho Sailing Centre is planning to begin Stage 2 operations beginning May 25.  This will include the Galley, schools, public access and most important to our new members, issuance of membership cards.  

    This completes the last requirement to activate your new membership in ClubLocarno and get on the water - take a look at the All Access Checklist for all of the details.

    We are still organizing lessons and checkouts that are consistent with Covid-19 Protocols, so please be patient and watch our Calendar of Events for the most up-to-date information.

  • 16 May 2020 06:52 | Robert Holley (Administrator)

    We are delighted that the Jericho Sailing Centre reopened on Saturday, May 16, and our members once again have access to the Club Locarno fleets. We have developed our Covid-19 protocols for this first stage of the JSCA opening - please read them carefully.

    ClubLocarno Covid-19 Protocols Phase I

    In addition, please review the Jericho Sailing Centre website to familiarize yourself with the JSCA protocols.

    You will need a gate key, a mask and a smartphone to use the facilities under the new protocols. A best practice may turn out to be a watertight container that will keep your mask and smartphone safe and dry while on the water. Please note that we may be required to provide our craft sign-out and door access records to facilitate contact tracing, in the event of known infections on the JSCA compound.

    We did not have the usual spring work party to get our fleets ready for the season. This means that your first voyage of the season may be the first for your craft as well. Please inspect your craft carefully before going on the water, and give it an extra-thorough cleaning when you return. Kindly log this effort in the craft sign-out system so that we know which boats have had the extra attention. Where a more organized effort is required (e.g. stepping masts, rigging sails) the Fleet Directors will plan and schedule ‘mini’ work parties.

    We are still organizing and scheduling lessons and checkouts, and plan to be ready to take on new members in June, when the JSCA plans to begin accepting new members in Stage II of the re-opening. We are in the process of modifying our training and checkout processes to be consistent with our Covid-19 protocols, and our partners (Windsure and MacSailing) are doing the same. Please refer to our calendar or the fleet pages for the availability and timing of lessons and clinics.

    We are solving problems as they arise and learning as we go, which means that the protocols and supporting facilities may also change. Please be patient and flexible.

    See you on the water!

  • 14 May 2020 07:20 | Robert Holley (Administrator)

    ClubLocarno has developed ClubLocarno Covid-19 Protocols in preparation for re-opening.  Please take a moment to review them in advance of visiting the club.

    These protocols are over and above the Jericho Sailing Centre Covid-19 safety protocols, which all uses of the Centre must observe.

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