Windsurfing Skill Levels

We use some simple definitions to assess your windsurfing skill level. If you learn how to recognize the different skill levels, then you can assess yourself and decide what skills to learn next.

Skill Level Explanation
Pre-level 1 You are at this level if you haven't windsurfed before, or you have windsurfed but would only feel comfortable getting on the water after completing a refresher lesson.
Level 1

Beginning windsurfing
You are at this level if you can:
  1. Demonstrate basic skills: windsurfing stance, uphaul, equipment care, tack to return to shore, steering, landing, self-rescue, points of sale, basic sailing and safety standards.
  2. Sail in low-wind conditions of 0 to 15 knots, and may lose balance frequently or just sometimes under normal Jericho conditions
  3. Follow club procedures for taking out equipment (identifying our gear, sign-out, transport, noting damages, time-limit).

If you believe you already have these skills, you should:

Come to a Windsurfing Checkout where a Windsurfing Fleet Captain or the Windsurfing DIrector will go over club procedures for taking out our equipment  and get you to demonstrate the on water skills listed above. If you successfully complete the checkout, the Fleet Captain or Windsurfing Director will update your member profile to indicate your Level 1 Windsurfer status and you will be able to take sign out level 1 gear in our craft signout computer.

If you've never windsurfed before or you need a refresher, you should:

Get the basic windsurfing skills by taking Club Locarno's in-house Beginner Windsurfing Lessons, or take a windsurfing lesson program from a windsurfing school such as Windsure or at a windsurfing hotspot such as the Gorge (Hood River, OR). The main objective in the beginner lessons is to be able to sail out from shore and return and know how to stay safe on the water.

Level 1 must not sail above 15 knots

Windsurfer getting going
Level 2

Getting into harness
 this level, you have all of the above, plus:
  1. you can perform a beach start
  2. can tack and slow gybe reliably and consistently in 2 to 15 knots, sail upwind without a centreboard, and seldom lose balance under normal Jericho conditions
  3. you have moderate confidence and ability in higher wind 15-20 knots
  4. you have some skill with harness and footstraps ranging from moderate to high reliability
Level 2 must not sail above 20 knots 
Level 3 At this level, you have all of the above, plus:
  1. you can perform a waterstart
  2. can sail in wind speeds above 20 knots
  3. you've adopted club norms as your own: helping out, taking care of stuff, staying safe, volunteerism
  4. ability to sail boards of size 135 litres or less
  5. rigging: can assemble/transport gear without damage
Level 3 must sail within a wind range to stay safe set by personal limits determined by sail, board, rider weight and skill level.

2. Foot on board, both hands on boom

1. Geting aligned to waterstart

4. Up and away

3. Flex the knee; pull heel to backside

Advanced windsurfing - carve gybe

Advanced windsurfing - jumping

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