Joining multi-day trips is one of the main reasons people join the kayak fleet.  Early each season we discuss trips we'd like to lead and tailor the destinations and level of difficulty to involve as many members as possible. 

Trips are added to the calendar over the course of the season, and all checked out members can apply to join.  If interest exceeds the number of spots available we draw names at random, and may give preference to those who can help transport kayaks, or who haven't already joined a trip that year

We are always looking for more competent leaders at the club, so if you have the skills and are willing, please email

Our trip calendar is below; see the Trip Resources page for things to help leaders, organizers and participants (you need to be signed in as a member to view).

Upcoming events

    • 08 Jul 2022
    • 07:00
    • 11 Jul 2022
    • 18:00
    • Portland Island, Pender Island and Prevost Island

    A 3 night tour of the beautiful Gulf Islands (Portland Island, Pender Island, Prevost Island, Main Island) starting at Tsawwassen, catching the ferry to Swartz Bay early Friday morning July 8th. We will be returning late afternoon from Main Island Monday, July 11th

    We did this trip approximately 5 years ago and it is certainly time to return!

    Trip Leader: Robert Holley

    Trip Organizer: Barbara Holley

    This is a Level 2 Trip:

    Somewhat exposed waters, Some short crossings (approximately 3km), Some swell possible, minor surf landings. Experience in Level 1 trips. Some experience paddling in moving water. Ability to paddle at 3-4 km/h for 6 hours per day for two or three consecutive days (with breaks). Competent in self-rescues and rescue of others in moderate wind and waves. Previous trip experience is an asset.  

    • 22 Jul 2022
    • 09:00
    • 25 Jul 2022
    • 18:00
    • Copeland Islands & Desolation Sound

    A 3 night trip (Fri, Sat, Sun & return Monday) to the beautiful Copeland Islands and tour of the area around in Desolation Sound. Possible day paddles to Savary Island or Cortes Islands depending on interests of group. Catching the ferry from Horseshoe Bay early Friday morning July 22nd and traveling up to Lund on the Sunshine Coast where we will launch. We will be returning the night of Monday July 25th (likely 8:15 pm ferry back from Langdale). 

    We will be limited to 6 paddlers total, so if more apply to join than we have room for we will select names based on transportation needs, previous trip participation or random lottery. There will be a trip planning meeting with all participants one or two weeks before the trip and a test paddle as a group from Jericho (likely Saturday July 9).

    Costs: Club Locarno trip fee, ferry, share of parking fee at Lund Marina, share of gas.

    Trip Leaders/Organizers: Gay Stephenson and Zahra Remtulla

    This is a Level 1.5-2 Trip: The paddle up to the Copelands from Lund is only about 2.5 hours, but we will explore the area on Saturday and Sunday so the ability to paddle at 3-4 km/hr for 5 - 6 hours per day for 2-3 consecutive days (with breaks) is recommended. Some short crossings and some wind possible. Experience in Level 1 trips would be an asset. Competency in self-rescues and rescue of others in calm/moderate conditions as well.

Past events

27 May 2022 Kayak Trip - Saysutshun (Newcastle Island) Marine Provincial Park
11 Aug 2021 Kayak Trip - Central Gulf Islands
11 Jul 2021 Kayak Trip - Desolation Sound
28 Jul 2020 Kayak Trip - Southern Gulf Islands
04 Jul 2020 Kayak Trip - Sunshine Coast
25 Jun 2020 Kayak Trip - Southern Howe Sound
20 Jun 2020 Kayak Trip - Local Destination
13 Jun 2020 Kayak Trip - Overnight Indian Arm
28 May 2020 Paddling the West Coast of BC
31 Aug 2019 Kayak Trip - Southern Gulf Islands
12 Aug 2019 Kayak Trip - Telegraph Cove
28 Jun 2019 Kayak Trip - Sea to Sky Marine Trail
22 Jun 2019 Kayak Trip - Sechelt Inlet
09 Jun 2019 Kayak Trip Planning/ Leading Workshop
06 Sep 2018 Jedediah Island - 4 Night Kayak Trip
15 Aug 2018 Desolation Sound - 5 Night Kayak Trip
04 Aug 2018 Jericho to Bowen - 2 Night Kayak Trip
21 Jul 2018 Howe Sound - Overnight Kayak Trip
16 Jun 2018 Indian Arm - Overnight Kayak Trip
01 Jun 2018 Kayak Trip Leader Course
16 Sep 2017 Gambier Island - Overnight Kayak Trip no.2
02 Sep 2017 Southern Gulf Islands - Kayak Trip
28 Jul 2017 Kayak Expedition - Salish Sea Marine Trail
22 Jul 2017 Kayak day trip to Lighthouse Park
08 Jul 2017 Gambier Island - Overnight Kayak Trip
22 Jun 2017 Indian Arm - Overnight Kayak Trip
15 Jun 2017 Kayak Trip Planning 2
08 Jun 2017 Kayak Trip Planning 1
05 Sep 2016 Broughton Archipelago II
26 Aug 2016 Broughton Archipelago
21 Aug 2016 Kayak day trip to Lighthouse Park
07 Aug 2016 Desolation Sound
23 Jul 2016 Local Overnighter (eg Indian Arm)
13 Jun 2016 Nootka Island
12 Jun 2016 Broken Group Islands
10 Jun 2016 Wigeon Creek Day trip
31 May 2016 Kayak Trip Planning 2
20 May 2016 Southern Gulf Islands - Portland Island
06 May 2016 Overnight Kayak Trip - Local Destination
27 Apr 2016 Kayak Trip Planning 1
30 Nov 2015 Kayak Fleet Planning and Social
07 Sep 2015 Telegraph Cove II
29 Aug 2015 Telegraph Cove I
19 Jul 2015 Broken Group
13 Jul 2015 Desolation Sound
03 Jul 2015 Anvil Island
03 Jul 2015 Gambier Island
26 Jun 2015 Flores Island
20 Jun 2015 Local Destination
06 Jun 2015 Widgeon Creek
25 May 2015 Indian Arm
16 May 2015 Northern Gulf Islands
30 Sep 2014 Kayak Trip Waitlist
23 Aug 2014 Kayak Trip Broughton Archipelego
09 Aug 2014 Kayak Trip Desolation Sound
01 Aug 2014 Kayak Trip Desolation Sound
11 Jul 2014 Kayak Trip Southern Gulf Islands
28 Jun 2014 Kayak Trip Northern Gulf Islands
22 Jun 2014 Kayak Trip west coast Vancouver Island
14 Jun 2014 Kayak Trip Indian Arm
07 Jun 2014 Kayak Trip Widgeon Creek
24 May 2014 Kayak Trip Local Waters
17 May 2014 Kayak Trip Southern Gulf Islands
01 Jan 2014 2014 New Years Day Polar Bear Row, Paddle, whatever...

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