Club Locarno's Rowing Fleet

Our fleet of ocean shells, all seaworthy, durable, and suitable for beach launching and landing, comprises:

  1. Six Echo Classic
  2. Two LiteRace 1x
  3. Two Maas Winged Aero
  4. One WinTech Explorer 2x (Double)
  5. One Alden 16 Ocean

Echo Classic

  • Length: 18'
  • Weight: 56 lbs
  • Max rower weight: 260 lbs

The Echo Classic open water shells are the mainstay of our rowing fleet, as well as our main teaching boat. They are low-volume shells, very similar in appearance to a sea kayak, with a unique folding rigger system that makes them easy to launch and land.

Designed for all skill levels, on the water they are fast, stable, lightweight and highly maneuverable. The Echos are smooth, fast and responsive in rough water and very safe. They are difficult to capsize, tough to swamp, and self-bailing when rolled upright again. Initially, experienced rowers may find it slightly challenging to maintain a steady course, as the craft has no skeg, but they will quickly learn to love their agility and responsiveness.

Off the water, Echos are very easy to move around and transport.

These craft are used during the Checkout.

MAAS Winged Aero, Carbon Series

  • Length: 21' 3"
  • Weight: 40-41 lbs
  • Max rower weight: 240 lbs

Our carbon fibre Winged Aero is light, sleek, responsive, tracks well due to its skeg, and offers a wonderful experience in calm water. It is nonetheless still capable of handling rougher conditions. And the self-bailer is appreciated by all.

As it is our highest performance boat, it requires an Advanced Checkout.


  • Length: 19' 9"
  • Weight: 77.2 lbs
  • Max rower weight: 286 lbs

The latest addition to the ClubLocarno Rowing Fleet, the LiteRace 1X was designed for sporty sessions and coastal rowing competition. Narrow and stable, it is fast in all types of seas, including waves. It is also very enjoyable on calm waters thanks to its exceptional glide.

This craft requires an Advanced Checkout.

WinTech Explorer 2x (Double)

  • Length: 30'
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Max rower weight: 230 lbs (each)

This is a high-performance recreational shell, stable enough for open water, and goes like a rocket. For those who wish to add a bit more challenge to their on-water experience, the Explorer can be rigged as a pair, as we have the rigging and sweep oars for it.

This craft requires an Advanced Checkout.

Alden 16 Ocean

  • Length: 16'
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Max rower weight: 200 lbs

The Alden 16 is the last of our original Alden fleet. It delivers satisfying speed and stability, a dry ride and is ideal for our local conditions. While it is not our sleekest craft, those who love it, love it a lot. It uses the removable Oarmaster sliding seat and rigger  unit, which we sometimes mount on a picnic table for instruction and/or dryland training.

Checkouts for this craft may be combined with the Checkout.

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