Club Locarno Membership Fees
& Lessons

The annual membership fee for an individual is $230. Each member MUST also join at least one fleet! For example, joining just our SUP fleet would cost $230 membership + $65 fleet fee ($295 total). There is an option to join "all fleets" and save significantly. The costs for Club Locarno fleets and lessons are listed below. All of our membership fees include GST.

All Club Locarno members must also be a member of Jericho Sailing Centre - for details of pricing and procedures please visit the JSCA site here.

You must be a member of the Club  to take lessons.  Fees for memberships and lessons must be paid on line at the time of registration. Unpaid registrations will be cancelled.

Our fees for the 2024-25 season are:

Annual Club Membership Fees
 Individuals                                                                                                                 $230
 Youth (ages 15 to 18) $110


Fleet Fees (all members over 15 must join at least one)

 Kayaking & Surf Skiing   
 Stand-up Paddling (SUP)
 All Fleets


*Fleet Membership required to sign up for Club Lessons except for Sailing Beginner which is open to all Club members regardless of their fleet

 Sailing - Beginner (26 hours incl. CanSail1&2 curricula + optional checkout)*

 Sailing - Refresher (9 hours incl. brief CanSail1&2 review + optional checkout)
 Sailing - Intro to Racing (10 hours incl. Sunday regatta)
 Sailing - Intro to Catamaran for beginners (10 hours) $175**

 Sailing - Catamaran Refresher (10 hours incl. optional checkout)


 Sailing - Waszp (8 hours including checkout)$160 

 Rowing - Beginner - Club Locarno members 
 Rowing - Advanced - Club Locarno members
 Rowing - Private - Club Locarno members


 Rowing - Beginner - non-members $175
 Windsurfing - Beginner (6 hours) $145 (+tax)
 Windsurfing - Intermediate 1 (3 hours)$70  (+tax)
 Windsurfing - Intermediate 2 (3 hours)$70  (+tax)
 Winging - Beginner (3.5 hours)$150  (+tax)
 Winging + Foil (intermediate) (3 hours)$150  (+tax)
 Kayaking - Fundamentals+/ PC Beginner   $150
 Kayaking - Intermediate (Level 1)
 Kayaking - Rolling Clinic


** This is the full value that applies at the peak of the season (July). However, Sailing lessons will offer early bird discounts at the beginning of the season and promotional prices at the end of it.

Other Fees

 Windsurfing Off-Site Pass

 Kayak Rental - Off-Site Day Use (Members Only)


 Kayak Rental - Multi-Day (Members Only)

$30 for first day
$10 subsequent days 


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