What to wear and what to bring

Mandatory Equipment: Do not leave shore without these items

  • A Wetsuit The water is cold. Every person on board a Club Locarno sailboat MUST be wearing a wetsuit. Anyone found in violation of this rule will have their membership suspended. For early or late season, a minimum of 3 or 4 millimeter wetsuit is advised. If your wetsuit is thinner, you can add another layer (a wind jacket for example) to help keep you warm. In mid-summer, you can sometimes get away with a shortie or farmer john. Rinse your wetsuit well in fresh water after use.
  • A Whistle Transport Canada Boating Regulations state that a whistle (sound signaling device) is mandatory. These can be purchased at any boating supply store, and are also available in the Jericho Sailing Center office. Most members attach it to the lanyard that holds their membership card and key (as the latter two items should be with you at all times when you at Jericho Sailing Centre).
  • A PFD (lifejacket) Also a Transport Canada Boating Regulation (and common sense). These are available in all sizes in the club room. All Locarno members must be WEARING a PFD while on any Locarno boat. Remember to RINSE your life jacket along with all the other equipment.
  • A Bailer For any boat that is not self bailing
  • A Paddle Another Boating Regulation. A rudder and tiller can be considered a suitable "propulsion device" (sculling can be quite effective) on a smaller boat. For the catamarans, you really should bring along a paddle. 

Recommended Equipment

  • Neoprene booties 
  • A hat
  • Sunglasses (with a lanyard!)
  • sailing gloves
  • a knife
  • a good slathering of sunblock
  • bringing along some water is not a bad idea, and maybe an energy bar.
  • Another good safety precaution is a cell phone (or marine radio), stored in a waterproof bag.

And don't forget a towel and some dry clothes. Your Jericho key card will give you access to the change room and shower facilities. And may we recommend a burger and a beer at the Galley after your sail?

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