Kayak Rentals

Kayaks must be rented if you wish to remove them from the compound for non club trips.  A boat can be rented for up to ten days. We will only rent out four boats at any one time - this does not apply to club events (trips, racing, clinics, etc.)

  • Single kayak rental: available only to Club Locarno members who are checked out on the kayak fleet. Guests cannot rent a single kayak
  • Double kayak rental: available to one Club Locarno member who is checked out on the kayak fleet and either another member or a guest. 
Rentals are on a first-come, first served basis according to registration date.  Lessons, clinics and other club events have priority over individual rentals, so please check the calendar for scheduled events when planning your trip. 

The Kayaking rental package is $30 for the first day and $10 for each subsequent day.  Rental includes:
  • 1 Kayak
  • 1 Paddle and 1 spare paddle
  • 1 Spray Skirt
  • 1 Pump
  • 1 Throw Line
  • 1 Self-Rescue Paddle Float
  • 1 PFD
Also available are kayak carts, roof racks / foam blocks, tie straps and tie ropes. If you have not tied a boat to a car before ask for help or a demonstration.

How to Book a Rental:

1. Email kayaking@clublocarno.com (or direct message on Club Locarno Slack Chat) with your preferred boat and dates. You must get confirmation from the kayak director before moving to step 2. Your rental may be turned down if there are other club activities such as rentals, planned trips, etc. 
2. We'll create a new rental event in Wild Apricot and send you the link. You can then register and pay for your rental. 
3. Sign out your boat when you collect it from the club, and sign back in when you return.

Important Note: To ensure your kayak will be available when you pick it up: please pick it up before sunrise on the first day of rental, or after sunset on the night before.

Another Note: it is not possible to reserve boats. So follow the advice above for picking up kayaks. 

Anyone renting a kayak must first be cleared for fleet access by completing a checkout or introductory lesson.  The actual skills that you require for your proposed trip will depend on your destination.  Be realistic about your abilities when planning your trip, and do your homework.

Rental return: return all gear cleaned and in good condition. Report any damage.  Replace all gear in the proper locations in the kayak shed (ropes and tie strap coiled)

Upcoming events

    • 31 Dec 2022
    • Kayak Shed

    Inflatable SUPs must be rented in order to use them overnight or for trips that don't originate at the JSCA.  A board can be rented for up to four days, and rentals are limited to one per member and two boards at any one time.   You take full responsibility for loss and damage when you rent gear from the club.  More details on rentals can be found here.

    Rentals are on a first-come, first served basis according to registration date.  Lessons and other club events have priority over rentals, so please check the calendar for scheduled lessons when planning your trip. Boards cannot be reserved ahead of time so you should plan on picking up the boat(s) of choice either at dusk of the evening prior to rental or early on the day of the rental (particularly important if you are relying on a double). Ensure you have appropriate gear to transport the boats safely.  

    When you pickup your rental boat, you must sign out the boat under "Trip" on the Craft Signout including the date and estimated time of return.

    Please send a note to sup@clublocarno.com to clear the rental dates as the first step - you will be given a rental code to complete your booking.

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