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Sailing Fleet Volunteering Opportunities

*** Check out our calendar for the next Work Party ***

Volunteering your time should be a rewarding experience, not just an obligation. As a Club Locarno member, your volunteer efforts are vital to the club's success, and to your own progression in the fleet. When you volunteer, you get to meet our captains and mingle with experienced sailors, sail with them and learn from them, and then, you can give it back to keep the cycle! 

Club Locarno is a volunteer club and you have two options to fulfill your volunteer hours while embracing the Locarno spirit:

Volunteer with new sailors offering rigging clinics and by sailing and racing with them while you skip! That is the best way to learn seamanship.

Volunteer with our beloved fleets, by coming to the Work Parties!

*** Volunteers are currently needed to offer checkouts ***

LASER & VANGUARD Rigging Clinics & Checkouts:

to lead and assist in the delivery of rigging clinic sessions (Part 1&2)

on water checkouts (Part 3)

during April, May and June

If you can volunteer for this position, please send an email to

or reach to the Fleet Captain of your choice with your availability so we can publish the event and set you up!

Locarno's sailing fleet is the most demanding of volunteer time. There are more parts on one sailboat than there are in all the other fleets combined!

Boat Repairs Please check our maintenance log  and the Sailing To Do List for any outstanding repairs needed. If you see something you think you may be able to fix, please contact one of the sailing directors and/or fleet captains to coordinate the repair. If the club requires parts or items for the repair please add it to the Items Required sheet in the Sailing To Do List spreadsheet.

Fleet Captains: this position is to help in the overseeing of maintenance, supplies, repairs, and members training in the specific fleets.

Other Club Locarno volunteer opportunities include work parties, clean-up/repair sessions, helping with lessons, general boat maintenance, website maintenance, etc.

If you have experience and are interested in some of these volunteer positions, please contact one of the Sailing Directors and/or fleet captains.

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