Club Locarno's Surfski Fleet

A Surfski is a sit-on-top kayak, designed so that if flooded with water the boat can drain itself, and can be easily remounted if the paddler was to fall out. A surfski can be used in all conditions, perfect for the mirror-like conditions in the morning or to catching swell on a windy day. 

Club Locarno surfskis offer a range of stability which will allow for progression as a paddler gets more experienced.

Club Locarno has have built up a fleet of surfskis that will accommodate the recreational evening paddler through to racers who often join the JSCA Thursday night Wave Chasers.  We have a wide range of shapes and sizes which will allow you to progress as you gain more experience.   

For more information on kayaking, you can contact the Surfski Fleet Captain or Kayaking Director at the club's Contact Us webpage.

Note: Any surfski can start to feel unstable when the wind and waves pick up. Consider dropping down into a more stable boat if you are going out in more challenging conditions.

Surfski Fleet

This is a list of our surfski fleet, ordered in progression of increasing skill paddler skill level.  

Epic V8

Fast, yet extremely stable, this is a surfski that most kayakers should be able to hop right onto and paddle off.

  • Length 18' (5.48 m)
  • Width 21.25" (54 cm)

Think Ace

At 22” wide the Ace is the most stable surfski in the Think lineup. With a comparable length to the V8 it is great for exploring along the coastline or linking waves when you find the wind at your back.

  • Length 18' / 550cm
  • Width 22" / 56cm

Think Zen

Competitive, Performance. The Zen is the Swiss Army Knife of high-performance paddling. First and foremost, it’s fast. Really fast. The length to width ratio is such that it can mix it up with the elite and competitive skis with confidence. The slightly shorter length reduces wetted surface area; the benefit being exceedingly quick acceleration. Second is the stability. The Zen is very stable for a ski of this performance level.  Find your Zen, and paddle your best! Excellent progression fromthe Epic V8 or Think Ace.

  • Length: 18' 4" (560 cm),
  • Width: 20.5" (52 cm).
  • Capacity: 110 - 220 pounds (50 - 100 kg)

Epic V8 Pro

The V8 Pro is the perfect boat for those who want a performance upgrade from the V8 or Think Ace. V8 Pro is more or less equivalent to the Think Zen. In terms of speed and stability, the V8 Pro fits perfectly between entry level and performance surfskis.

  • ​Length 19' (5.79m)
  • Width 20" (50.8cm)

Think Six

We have two Think Six. Fast, stable, efficient, comfortable for intermediate paddlers! Excellent progression from the Think Zen.

  • Length: 19′ 8″ (600 cm)
  • Width: 19″ (48.25 cm)

Epic V10 Sport

The V10 Sport offers terrific flat-water speed and exceptional rough water performance, similar to the V10, but with more stability.

  • Length 20' (6.1 m)
  • Width 18.9" (48 cm)

Epic V10

The Epic V10 is not a beginner boat but, if you are an experienced paddler you will love the speed that it gives you.

  • Length 20' 6" (6.25m)
  • Width 17.7" (45 cm)

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