Windsurfing Board Availability Policy

Created on: July 23, 2019
Modifies on: July 27, 2019

The purpose of this page is to clearly outline the windsurfing fleet's policy around board usage and availability for the competing interests of board use at Jericho, on trips and by high wind offsite passholders.


  1. Jericho board availability takes precedence over club trip and offsite high wind passholder use. This means there will be a minimum number of usable (undamaged) boards available for use at Jericho regardless of trip plans or individual offsite passholder use as listed below. The one exception to this rule is during our "highlight trip of the year" (see item 3 below).

  2. Club trips take priority over individual high wind passholder use. During club trips high wind pass holders will not be allowed to take boards off site for individual use if doing so would reduce the number of useable boards available at Jericho to less than the numbers listed below.

  3. One (and only one) club trip per season will be designated our "highlight trip of the year". This takes priority over all other types of board use. During this time, the minimum number of usable boards at Jericho may fall below the numbers specified below. This trip will generally be our BC Day Long weekend trip (usually to Nitinaht lake) but a different trip date or destination may be designated. Regardless of which trip is designated as such, an announcement email will be made a "reasonable" amount of time beforehand to alert members to the potential of board shortages at Jericho. If known, and practical to do so, the specific boards being taken on the trips will be included in the announcement.

Minimum Number of Boards To Be Left for Use at Jericho

The following minimum number of usable (undamaged) boards must be left for use at Jericho at all times regardless of trip or individual offsite use. with the one exception of our one trip designated our highlight trip of the year.

Level 3 Boards
At least TWO (2) of:

  • Severne Dyno (FSW) 95
  • JP Freestyle Wave 101
  • Fanatic Skate 100
  • Starboard Futura 114
  • Tabou Rocket 115
  • RRD Freestyle Wave 116
  • Severne Fox 120

Level 2 Boards

  • Starboard Formula

At least FOUR (4) of:

  • JP X-Cite Ride 125
  • Starboard Carve 131
  • Tabou Rocket 135
  • Starboard Carve 141
  • JP Freerace 142
  • Tabou Rocket 145
  • Starboard Go 180

At least ONE (1) of:

  • Fanatic Shark 160 #1, or
  • Fanatic Shark 160 #2

Level 1 Boards
Level 1 boards are not allowed to be taken off site for individual high wind use and we generally don't take L1 boards on trips. The exception to this would be our "highlight trip of the year" in which case limits are waived but we will generally limit the level 1 boards taken to one or both of the Starboard Rios (S and/or M), the Fanatic Viper, the Go 195 and possibly the Longrider.

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