Some Bonnie Henry wisdom

30 Jun 2020 10:34 | Robert Holley (Administrator)

I am delighted to see that ClubLocarno and the JSCA are operating at something very close to normal. There has been a big jump in activity levels, renewals and new memberships since we reopened, and while most things are progressing smoothly, there have been a few areas of turbulence worth mentioning.

Mask Wearing

We don’t like to do it, and JSCA staff don’t like reminding us to do it when we forget. If reminded, be kind, apologise for your error, stop what you are doing and put your mask on immediately. Mask use is not optional, but our use of the sailing centre IS optional - it is a privilege that can be revoked, both individually and collectively. When the second wave of Covid hits Vancouver, we must be seen to be a low-risk facility that can continue to operate safely. Be safe.

Lessons and clinics

With the spike in new memberships comes a corresponding increase in demand for lessons and clinics; this has been made more difficult by COVID-related changes that have affected our capacity and schedule. We apologize in advance if you have waited longer than expected to get on the water. If you are concerned that time is running out or that you have been somehow forgotten, please feel free to contact me directly. Be patient.


Please remember that the club is run entirely by volunteers. If you find that service levels occasionally fall short of those offered by Starbucks or Amazon Prime, please be calm and perhaps even offer to help out. Volunteer to repair minor problems as soon as you report them. Take a few extra moments on our website to try to answer questions before you ask them. Tell a volunteer (or a JSCA staffer) how much you appreciate them. Be kind.

See you on the water!

Robert Holley

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