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Access to Club Locarno Facilities

Club Locarno's card access system, which provides you access to the main clubroom, windsurfing container and/or kayaking/rowing/SUP shed (as per your membership and checkout status) is linked to the card that you receive from the Jericho Sailing Centre Association (JSCA).  Registration of your card with Club Locarno is your responsibility.  Please complete the following steps when you first get your JSCA card, as well as when you get any replacement cards.

1. Make note of your JSCA card ID.

For all newer JSCA cards, enter the last 5 digits located at the bottom right corner of the back of your JSCA access card.

(If your card is from before 2017, enter only the first 5 digits on the reverse side of your card)

2. Log onto www.clublocarno.com, and edit your Profile

3. Enter the 5 digits on your JSCA card (as in step 1) into the field "JSCA Card Number".

Note: if you enter more than these 5 digits, then the process will fail.


4. In order to match your card with the JSCA Card System, the following information must be in perfect sync with information the JSCA administration has on file. 

    Card Number

    Spelling of Last Name
    First Initial of your First Name

After you complete these steps, you should receive an automated email informing you that your card has been activated. It will take a further 24 hours before your card will open our club room door, windsurfing container and kayak/rowing shed however.

If you have any problems, please contact the Membership Director at Membership@clublocarno.com or the Technology Director at Technology@clublocarno.com.

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