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Tips for Winter 

English bay, ClubLocarno's playground, is accessible year-round for sailing, kayaking and rowing.  However, during the winter months, you must place an extra emphasis on boat safety for yourself and your crew. Jericho Rescue and other boaters are notably scarce during the winter, so you must take extra care to ensure a safe on water session.

1. Check of the weather forecast and tidal activity.

2. Let a friend or family member know you are going, where you are going, and when you expect to be back on shore (follow-up with an après sailing phone call).

3. Do a meticulous pre-launch check of your craft and equipment. Recognize when conditions are beyond your ability and choose not to launch.

4. Make sure you dress properly-wetsuit/drysuit/hat/booties/gloves-including your PFD. Double check your safety equipment-paddles, bailer, whistle, flares.

5. Check when the sun is setting and understand that the wind often shuts off abruptly in the hour before sunset.

6. Don’t go farther from shore than you care to paddle back if you or your equipment should fail or the wind shuts off.

7. Enclose your fully charged cell phone in two sealed sandwich bags and keep on your person.

In the event of an ocean emergency that you cannot solve yourself, dial *311 for the
Canadian Coast Guard’s Rescue Coordination Centre.

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