My Card Won't Open the Door!

Don't Panic 

There are some steps that you can do to diagnose the problem. Please LOG IN to view your profile (top right of this screen)

  1. Check your Membership Status.  If it doesn't say Active, then you are not finished paying, or have not yet renewed for the current year.  
  2. Confirm that you have completed the Online Orientation.  Door access is only enabled once you have done so.  If you have not already completed the Online Orientation here is the link: Online Orientation
  3. Check Door Access.  If it doesn't say Enabled, and the two points above have been verified, then please contact  
  4. Scroll down to Membership Information and check your JSCA Card Number.  If it is blank, then we don't know what card you have. You may also have entered the numbers incorrectly.  To know which numbers you should enter here please follow the instructions in this link - Locarno Door Access
  5. Make sure you have PAID YOUR JSCA FEES to the Jericho Sailing Centre AND SIGN YOUR ANNUAL WAIVER. If your membership is not current with them, your card wont work with us. Remember, JSCA membership term is April 1st to March 31st! This renewal period does not necessarily coincide with your Locarno membership.
  6. Lastly, please call or visit the Jericho office at (604) 224-4177 to ensure:
  • Your card is valid, and your waiver is signed.
  • The spelling of Last Name and the first initial of your First Name is the same as you entered on your profile at 

Once you have made any changes, please wait overnight; you should receive an email informing you that your card has been activated.  If this is not the case, or there were no changes to make, please contact the Membership Director at

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