Using the Fleet                              

Basic Required Skills                                                 

All new members must have the skills outlined in Paddle Canada Introduction to Kayaking Skills, PLUS the ability to self-rescue.  You can either take our Introductory Kayaking lesson, or if you already have the required skills and experience you can attend a checkout. Learn more here.

Restrictions - all restrictions are in place to safeguard club members and equipment

Kayaks, like all of our club boats, can be taken out for two hours at a time, after which which you should return to the shore to see whether anyone is waiting to use the boat.  This policy is in place to ensure access to the fleet on busy evenings and weekends; please use your judgement at other times, and send a message to if you ever find that no boats were available when you wanted one.  It is rare to be left on the shore.

Members using boats for scheduled club events (clinics, lessons, racing) have priority access, so please check the event schedule to avoid possible disappointment.  It is a big problem for members who have paid for lessons and arrive to find insufficient boats for their use.

Members cannot take a kayak out before sunrise, or after sunset.  We have a no night paddling policy.  This is strictly enforced for safety reasons.  

Each member who completed the lesson is allowed to take out one guest; the guest must use a plastic kayak or join you in a double kayak.

A kayak may be rented, on a first come basis, once a member has completed their 4 hours of volunteer hours.  This would ideally be through assisting in a lesson so that we can confirm your skills and safe use of club boats.

All kayaks must be floating in the water when you enter them.

Each member must carry a paddle float, throw line, PFD, bailing device (pump) and whistle.

Use of Equipment -All kayaks and surf skis should be handled with the utmost care. All boats need to be rinsed off and returned to the racks as they were found. Any damage should be reported to the Fleet Captains asap.

  • Kayaks - select the kayak you wish to paddle.  In the club room select the appropriate hatches and sign the log book.  Unlock the kayak and move to the grass area.  Remember to re-lock the cable. Carry the kayak to the beach or use a rowing dolly and return immediately.  On your return, exit the kayak whilst floating and carry the kayak to the rack and rinse the outside and inside of the kayak and all the equipment thoroughly before returning to the shed.  Remove all hatches and attach all clips together.  The kayaks must move directly to the racks and not be placed on the grass area.
  • Surfskis - Use of these boats are only for those who have successfully complete the surfski checkout. These boats are extremely fragile and unstable, mounting and dismounting must be done in the water. These boats can not be dragged on the beach.


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