During the course of the season, equipment can be damaged either from accidents or general wear and tear.  Locarno is a voluteer run organization, and reporting and repairing damaged equipment is every member's repsonsibility.


PREVENT. We all know what this means.

LABEL.  Flag damaged equipment and note it on the whiteboard.  If properly labeled, other members aren't at risk for taking out damaged items.


REPAIR.  Repair or replace immediately.  If necessary, return the next day or later in the week to finish repairs.

REPORT.  Members MUST REPORT damage immediately.

a) Please use the "Report A Problem" button on the computerized sign-out system to report damage. The appropriate Fleet Director will be notified automatically.

b) If the member is unable to repair damage on their own, contact the appropriate fleet Director below for assistance.

Sailing: sailing@clublocarno.com

Windsurfing: windsurfing@clublocarno.com

Kayaking: kayaking@clublocarno.com

Rowing: rowing@clublocarno.com

SUP: sup@clublocarno.com

c) If damage is significant, record damage in damage log book, tell Director, AND register an Incident Report 

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